Service Agreement

The B & H Refrigeration Maintenance Service Agreement offers you an opportunity to maintain year-round comfort while maintaining peak efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

Work to be performed under the B & H Maintenance Service Agreement:

  1. Check for proper operation of unit(s).
  2. Replace disposable air filter(s) as per agreement.
  3. Check thermostat operation (calibrate if needed).
  4. Visually inspect all components of system.
  5. Clean both sides of evaporator coil with coil cleaner.
  6. Clean both sides condensing coil with coil cleaner.
  7. Clean evaporator blower wheel (adjust if needed).
  8. Blow out drain pipe-pour water to assure proper drainage.
  9. Check copper tubing for vibrations or possible leaks.
  10. Lubricate all motor bearings (if needed).
  11. Check electrical connections.
    1. Check and clean contactors.
    2. Check compressor terminals.
    3. Check crank case heater.
    4. Check thermostat wire connections.
    5. Check all wire connections.
    6. Check main breaker connections.
  12. Utilize and complete a service check sheet.

Exclusions: Refrigerant, belts, motors, compressors, coils and electrical parts.

(These parts will be billed separately from agreement with 15% discount, after customer approval)

  • Receive 15% discount for parts and labor on service calls.
  • Receive 15% discount for new units or accessories.

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